About organization

Non Government organization “Guild of  independent experts  in formation sphere” was established in 2013. The main goals of the organization are human rights and freedoms protection, supporting cultural development, traditions preservations, protection of the Ukrainian language which are creating foundations for state development and civil society progress.

Our goals:

  • Ukrainian language protection. Its comprehensive support and development, promoting full use of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of society functioning;
  • coordination between public and private industry sectors to maximize the use of frequency resources, finding technological solutions, realisation of economic and creative potential;
  • increase use efficient of financial, material and human resources aimed at computerization and introduction of ICT in the socio-economic sphere
  • promoting rise of informatization level in certain industries and regions of the country;
  • increase level of state support of media and software system production that have to meet economy and society needs;
  • providing equal access to information products by all society members in all regions of the country;